Your Bank of America Account is Under Review. Right.

Well, since I don’t have one, that would be a Neat Trick. But here’s the email:

From: Bank Of America <>
Date:12/08/2014 1:39 PM (GMT-07:00)
Subject: Your Bank Of America Account is under review

Your Bank Of America Account is under review

Bank Of America is reviewing some costumers account for possible Fraudulent & unpaid bills. The balance for your checking & saving account has reached reviewable level (uncharged & un-deducted billing).This information is accurate as of 5/12//2014 03:44:12 CST. You are required to, sign on and verify  your account informations.If you have questions, Bank Of America Online Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign on to send a secure email. | Fraud Information Center

Suffice it to say this is a phishing email of the worst kind. The embedded “sign on” links take you to this link (obfuscated):

In case you needed an additional hint, this is not a Bank of America website.

Conway Central Baptist Church will probably not be pleased that someone has infiltrated their servers and is using them to host phishing data; they have been informed.

But the website looks like this:


They want all sorts of information from you, including “Father’s Maiden Name” and “Father’s Middles Name.” If those aren’t screaming red flags , I don’t know what would be.

So many scumbags out there want your identity, your financial information, and your money, and they would sell their own mothers to get it.

Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.