Beware the mail-forwarding scam


Just got this same email in both of my accounts today, from “”

A reputable online service is searching for Mail/Fulfillment Clerks. This opening requires no professional knowledge beyond entry-level computer literacy and capability to handle mailings and shipments.

Absolutely right for stay at home moms, retirees and also business owners who reside in the personal workplace during 10am to 5pm.

Job details:

– Receive letters and parcels from major carriers at your location
– Repackage mail
– Inspect the packages
– Deliver mail to the nearest USPS locations
– Communicate with your supervisor via computer, and telephone
– Timely upload information via online account


– A resident of the United States with postal address
– Be able to show self motivation and take initiative
– Be able to move up to 23 pounds

This is a permanent opening with a compensation of up to $2,000 net payable monthly.

Should you become interested in the opportunity, please reply to this email, and we will email back to you as soon as possible.

Easy work if you can get it. Of course, anyone who responds will be qualified, because this is an unmitigated scam. An extract from a Post Office PDF file:

These complex scams usually involve several crimes. Some criminals purchase merchandise with stolen credit cards and need your help to smuggle the goods out of the country. Others send you counterfeit money orders or checks and ask you to
reship them to another address. You’ll be given counterfeit postage to reship the illegal items.


You’re committing several felonies when you help these criminals. And even if you don’t get caught, it’s likely you’ll lose a lot

of money.

Be careful out there. The bigger the world gets, the more unsavory, disreputable and heartless individuals there are who will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to get your money by illegal means. A more complete list of mail fraud schemes can be found in this USPS publication.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Don’t you think the customer knows his/her own address?

Yarg snarl yarg.

I run an online business. People pay me via PayPal, or use that service as a credit-card broker.

Every now and then, I get a popup like this when shipping:


And then you can’t go forward or override the popup until you use the “suggested” address. Notice that the only difference is that the customer entered “Hot Springs,” and the Post Office (xchxxxchhxttt paTOO!) demands “Hot Springs National Park.”

For the love of Mogg’s holy grandfather, don’t you think the customer knows his own address? Is the Post Office so stupid that even with a correct ZIP Code, they’ll be unable to deliver the parcel because their database happens to have a slightly different name for the locality?

It’s fine to provide this information, but they need a button that says “Use Address As Provided” so that the seller doesn’t have to take the time to go in and manually change the address.

The Old Wolf has ranted.